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How to master the ninja defuse

First up, which character should you use?

Of course you can ninja defuse with any character, but with some it’ll be much easier.

For starters, a line of sight-blocking ability is crucial to ninja defusing. This mainly means smokes, but abilities like Cypher’s Cyber Cage, Sage’s Barrier Orb or even Viper’s Poison Cloud can do the job too under certain circumstances.


However, each smoke ability is different, and their characteristics make some more suitable for ninja defuses.

Duration is the main one, Jett’s Cloudburst lasts 7 seconds, which is just good enough for defusing, but makes hiding in it while you wait for the enemies to get in site really difficult. Omen and Brimstone however don’t have this problem, as their smokes last 15 seconds.


Other great traits to have are:

-Zoning, stunning, and selfhealing abilities to prevent enemies from killing you in time if they notice you’re defusing.

-Vertical mobility, to get into unexpected positions, so you have an easier time not getting spotted.


With all this information I’ve quickly made a tierlist of which agents are best for ninja defusing.

Leave your thoughts about this ranking in the comments. You can tell me if and how you’d change it.


-Brimstone is the best one because of his solid 3 smokes, and his ultimate ability, which makes it very hard for the enemies to get back to site once you start defusing.

-Omen comes in second with his Paranoia, long lasting smokes, and the ability to reposition easily with teleportation.

-And Jett can kill the enemies on site, quickly dash forward towards the bomb, throw a couple of smokes down and defuse.

You can pick Brimstone all you want but if you constantly make mistakes in your execution, you’re gonna get spotted more often than not. And that’s where technique comes into play.


There are 3 main ways people ninja defuse.

- The first one is defusing JUST when the enemy plants.

- The second option is waiting for an opportunity to quickly kill everyone on site and then defusing.

- And the third one is waiting until the enemies start running away from the Spike when it’s close to exploding, then defusing.


So, which one’s better?

I wouldn’t recommend the first one unless you’re just going for a cool-looking clip in unrated, as it can easily go wrong if the enemy sees you or hears the defuse sound.


It comes down to the second or third option then, and it depends on your situation:

-If you don’t have any strong zoning, stunning, or line of sight-blocking abilites left, then your best bet is trying to go for the kills, especially if there’s only a few people on site, as if you don’t do this, and you try to wait for them to run away from the explosion, if they hear you, they will be able to kill you before you complete the defuse. Be careful with this option as if you aren’t able to quickly kill them, it can easily backfire.

-But if you do have those abilities, and are confident that you won’t be seen. Go for the third option.


It goes without saying, but you need patience and trigger discipline to not mess up your ninjas. So don’t panick if an enemy goes right past you, and definitely don’t make any noise.

However, if you think an enemy saw you, don’t hesitate, start shooting, at least you’ll trade kills instead of leaving your team in a 4v5 scenario.


If you succeed at defusing, you should either hide or hold an angle from where you’re not exposed. Yes, you won the round, but you don’t want to waste the money of the win on re-buying weapons and armor.

Being unpredictable is key, especially if you’re gonna try to ninja multiple times in a single game, which I wouldn’t really recommend. So it’s very important that you hide in a spot that the enemy won’t expect. 

Let’s quickly go over spots to hide in each map.

First I’ll show spots you can use with any character, and then the ones which you’ll need a vertical mobility ability to get to.

Good, so let’s recap:

-Use the previously mentioned characters for a better chance at success.

-Make good use of your utility.

-Once the enemies are on site, analyse your situation and act accordingly.

-Be patient.

-Be unpredictable.

-Don’t try to ninja defuse multiple rounds in a row.


Now tell me in the comments, have you ever been ninja defused?

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Thanks for watching and have a great day :)

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Nice guide with awesome videos!

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Oh well the text and videos didn't seem to line up properly but it's alright

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kinda defeats the purpose of separating it into various parts but whatever

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